A group of 11 people (Nano, Batman, Jocelyn, Kelly, Kam Hoong, Eric & GF, Micheal, Ronald, Doctor and me) went to Sg. Lembing. It is been a while since i am able to gather so much people together for a trip. Here is our itenary of our trip prepared by Jocelyn.
Day 1
0000: Meet-up at meeting point(BHP/SHELL before Damansara toll)
0015: Trip briefing
0030: Depart Kuala Lumpur to Sg Lembing
0430: Reach Sg Lembing and drive to Panaroma Hill (if hungry, can have Lembing taufu mee for breakfast)
0500: Trek up to Panaroma Hill about 800m & wait for sunrise
0800: Go down
0845: Shop at Lembing morning market (Lembing coconut biscuits), and have Lembing chee cheong fun
0915: Check in and have a rest
1100: Have Lembing kopi and bau. (Tapau mihun and kuih-muih for waterfall picnic)
1145: Drive to Gau Charas
1330: Drive to Sg Pandan Waterfall
1400: Reach waterfall and picnic there
1600: Proceed to Tai Zi temple
1630: Reach temple and walk around there (Can buy something for picnic at waterfall tomorrow)
1700: Drive to Teluk Cempaka and see the sunset
1830: Have dinner at Kuantan (Shark meat)
2000: Walk around Kuantan town
2200: Go back to Lembing town and have supper ( Lembing siew yok)
2300: Go back to beds

Day 2
0500: Wake Up
0615: Take a jeep into Rainbow waterfall
0745: Reach entrance of Rainbow waterfall and trek into it
0845: Reach the Rainbow waterfall
0900: Rainbow will come out on the waterfall and picnic there
1030: Go back to Lembing town
1200: Check out and have lunch
1300: Go Sg. Lembing museum & the entrance of the tin mines for a scroll through the history of one of the biggest tin mines town in the past
1430: Go back to KL

The journey start from Damansara to Sg. Lembing. The drive takes around 4 hours. Before exiting the Kuantan Exit, it is advisable to fill your car's petrol full before entering Sg. Lembing. There is no petrol station in Sg. Lembing, just a mini-mart selling unbranded petrol. We have 3 cars that fit for 11 of us since we many stuff to bring.

The following map will show the exact trail for the hike up to the Sg. Lembing Hill or 林明山。However, you will need to park your car at the Food court that is located on the main road of the town.

Sg. Lembing Food Court
GPS Coordinate:
N3° 55.061’
E103° 02.209’
The hike up to the top of the mountain take around 45 mins over 2 mountains. There is a well laid cement stair case to climb. However, it is advisable to bring touchlights, insect repellent, some light snack such as chocolate, sweets, and some water.  We started the hike around 5am and reach the peak before 6am. The sunrise is around 6.30am.
The view at the peak is simply astonishing. The peak of this mountain is not very high, but the view of the clouds below us make it look very high. Thanks to our excellent photographer, Nano of the photos taken. Kudos!

After the hike, we went down to the foodcourt where we have park our car ealier. Here is the place where they sell the famous toufu made from mountain water or 山水豆腐. The toufu goes along with the dried kicap mee and some fried yong tou fu dishes.
After the breakfast, we check in our hotel. Our hostel is located just next to the foodcourt. The price per night for this homestay hostel is roughly around RM50 per person. The hostel has aircond, karaoke room, restaurant, water heater, and double decker bed. Here are the details of the homestay and a picture of our room.

Sg. Lembing Rest House
No.26, Main Street, Sg.Lembing, 26200 Kuantan, Pahang.
Tel: 019-9082193,019-9040389,019-9161492, 012-9009622 
After our quick nap, we proceed to visit the Sg. Lembing Museum. Sg. Lembing was previously a popular tin mining town in the early 1900 just like KL and Ipoh town. However after the Japanese invaded our country, the company went down and bought down along this town.

Sg. Lembing Museum (The map is below)
GPS Coordinate:
N3° 54.808’
E103° 01.951’
There are many bridges that link from 1 side of the town to the other. Great place to take some pictures.
Next we proceed to have our lunch at the Hoover Restaurant. This shop is located at the back of the Sg. Lembing Foodcourt. This shop is also famous for their Ketchup Noodle. The taste of the food was average and the price of the foods is around ~RM10-15 per person.
We then proceed to visit Gua Charas. You will need to reach Panching first by driving out of Sg. Lembing town in the direction to Kuantan. You will be able to see the sign board near the muslim cemetery. After that, it will be a drive into the oil palm plantation. You will the sign board at the entrance of cave.

Gua Charas
GPS Coordinate:
N3° 54.696’
E103° 08.838’
Our photographer --> Nano (Theng Hui). All the photo is taken by him. Check out his photo @ http://www.flickr.com/people/thenghui/

We continue our drive up to Kuantan town to visit Teluk Cempedak Beach. The drive takes around 1 hour drive. It is nice beach to watch the sunset. A great place to relax for us. We manage to tao pao some famous "Jagung Milk" on the way to Kuantan.

Teluk Cempadak Beach (It is located near the Hyatt Kuantan Hotel)
GPS Coordinate:
N3° 48.749’
E103° 22.288’
After the dinner at Kuantan, we took a drive back to Sg. Lembing. Just in luck, it was a Saturday. There is a famous Roast Pork recomended by Astro's Axian that only available on Saturday Night only.
林明周末晚烧猪肉 (Sg. Lembing Roast Pork)
Tel+6017-909 3580 / +609-541 1975
Address A-259, Jalan Jeram Takar, 26200 Sungai Lembing, Kuantan,
GPS Coordinate
N 03° 55.500’    E103° 02.185’

We bought roughly around RM8 of Roast Pork to go along with our liqour that we have bought together.



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